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We believe all children have the right to read, regardless of their families' financial situation.

The Bloomfield Learning Centre aims to provide the most direct route to literacy for as many needy children as possible.


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Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which affects the way in which children learn to read and write.
It does not reflect their intelligence. 

5-10% of pupils in every classroom have some degree of specific learning difficultySome may only be aware that they need to work harder than those around them, while others may be unable to cope in class without specialist support. 

Typical features of dyslexia include:

  • Difficulty learning to read and spell. 

  • Phonological processing difficulties - Your child may find it hard to recognise rhyming words, to break words into syllables or to segment and blend the separate sounds in words.

  • Written work can be troublesome - spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. 

  • Memory - Both auditory and visual memory can be affected - Your child may find it hard to remember the days of the week, the sequence of sounds in words and to remember verbal instructions.

  • Visual processing skills - Your child may reverse letters and numbers and have difficulty copying accurately.

  • Word retrieval difficulties - children struggle to find the "right word".

  • Information processing - your child may need a little extra time to understand what you say to him/her.

  • Poor concentration. Lack of confidence.